These oven-baked Spinach Chips can help you kick the potato chip habit. They are perfect for a snack. My kids even like them. They only take about 10 minutes to make and they are so good for you. A potato chip addiction can be hard to beat, but if you can replace those chips for these you’ll be doing great. Um…let’s see spinach contains: vitamin K vitamin A manganese folate magnesium (chances are you need more of this important nutrient) iron copper phosphorus zinc vitamin B2 vitamin B6 vitamin E calcium potassium vitamin C omega-3 fatty acids niacin selenium Potato Chips contain: Potatoes (very high in carbohydrates) Unhealthy trans fats Highly processed vegetable oils (usually cottonseed oil, soybean oil or canola) salt Simply coat the spinach leaves in a healthy [...]

Traditional fats like eggs, butter and lard are sometimes given a bad rap.  However, these saturated fats are necessary for healthy bodies to grow and thrive. The idea that saturated fat causes high cholesterol has been proven to be false.  This is very good news for people like me who love butter and whole milk yogurt. Some of the very foods that nourished our ancestors are coming back into style.  One of the most popular foods recently is Coconut oil.  We love coconut oil!  I keep finding great ways to use coconut oil like coconut oil fudge and homemade mayo. Healthy unprocessed fats, like egg yolks, cod liver oil, red palm oil, extra virgin olive oil, grass-fed butter are nutritious and should be a part of your life. Here's why: [...]

Have you ever considered making your own kefir soda? When I first learned about water kefir, it seemed too good to be true.  I would have that making your own healthy carbonated soda would be a lot of work or involve specially supplies and machinery.  You can actually buy water kefir grains, add them to water along with sugar and ingredients like ginger and lemon and make your own fizzy probiotic soda. So, I am writing this post to give you an idea of what all is involved when using kefir grains at home to make your own soda, and to let you know it's actually not very hard, and even a little fun! I've always loved Dr. Pepper, which is completely destructive to your teeth, gut, and overall health. [...]

It's summertime and we've been making lots of frozen yogurt. The grocery store ice cream section is awfully tempting with their array of Popsicles and ice creams, but we've found a healthier alternative. Our homemade frozen yogurt has probiotics in it.  It also contains less sugar and doesn't contain any artificial coloring, preservatives or other weird stuff. So, if you want to try it, just skip the ice cream section and go to the frozen fruit section.  Get some frozen blueberries, raspberries, cherries or whatever suits your fancy. Frozen fruit or berries (we used cherries) Plain whole milk yogurt Sugar (white sugar, stevia or other sugar substitute) For supplies, you'll need: a frozen yogurt maker, a food processor and a way to strain your yogurt.  You will need to strain [...]

I love finding recipes that use whey because I always have a ton of it in the back of my fridge. Every time I strain my yogurt to make yogurt cheese or Greek-style yogurt I pour the whey into mason jars and stash it. This recipe turned out really good. It's a sweet tangy applesauce that my kids loved. This is also a raw recipe. It contains more nutrients than cooked applesauce. The fermentation process actually improves the nutritional value instead of destroying it the way heating does. After pureeing the ingredients, simply place them in a clean mason jar. I like to sterilize my jars by pouring boiling hot water in them and letting it sit for a few minutes. The mixture should fill the jar almost to the [...]

{Guest post & recipe from Terri Gano} Caramel Yogurt is definitely one of those recipes you  want to try on your day off with your kids around to help take turns with all the stirring involved to get it just right. Today was one of those days for me. Kids and I are at home for the day, my oldest (who can reach the stove for stirring) helped give me a break when I needed it, and the recipe was so easy to prepare, and very delicious.  We couldn't wait the full hour for it to set before gobbling it down. For this recipe, you'll need either homemade yogurt or regular (not Greek) store bought yogurt that doesn't have any fillers (only milk and cultures in the ingredients). The reason for this is [...]

Straining yogurt is an easy way to create Greek-style yogurt, yogurt cheese or just to thicken homemade yogurt. Strained yogurt is thick and rich. With the whey removed it is less acidic or tart and it can be used in dishes that regular yogurt would be too tart for. It can be used as a substitute for mayo, cream cheese or sour cream. It 's also great to use in cooking since it doesn't curdle when heated. There are lots of ways to strain yogurt. You can use paper towel, cheesecloth, fabric, yogurt cheese maker or a mesh strainer. However, I've found the best thing to use is a coffee filter laid inside of a mesh strainer. I have a medium sized metal mesh strainer and I simply line it [...]

This is the number one problem people come across when they start out making their own yogurt: It's thin and runny! People wonder if fermentation happened, or just "This is it. Homemade yogurt must always be runny." ...but this is simply not so! So, just what  is the difference between store bought and homemade yogurt? Well, many commercially made yogurts contain cheap, and unhealthy starches and stabilizers to thicken them up. But, we don't need to do that at home to get the same results. It's possible to get a nice, thick, and creamy yogurt at home without using any fillers at all (Really!). 1. Use Whole Milk. (preferably raw, or organic...or even whole milk coconut milk from the can would work nicely, as well). It is tricky or next to impossible [...]

{Guest post & recipe from Terri Gano} If you like crunchy, chewy, delicious, and healthy, then this recipe is for you! I made these using a recipe I adapted on Bob's Red Mill package for Coconut Pancakes. They are gluten-free, and really easy to make, and my kids loved them too!...Have fun, and enjoy. 1 1/2 cups Gluten free flour (I used Pamela's Amazing Gluten Free Bread Mix) 1/2 cup Coconut flour (I used Bob Red Mill's brand) 1 Tablespoon baking powder 1 Tablespoon sugar (I used maple syrup) 2 Tablespoons oil (I used olive) 2 extra large eggs (from our chickens) 1 3/4ths cup plain yogurt optional 1/4th cup water if batter comes out too thick (this varies depending on the type of gluten free flour used). Tip: For easier digestion, [...]

This recipe for yogurt banana bread turned out so moist and delicious.  The main difference between this recipe and other banana bread recipes is the yogurt. I switched out 1 cup of plain whole milk yogurt for the oil. Did you know yogurt can be substituted for milk, buttermilk, oil and even butter in most baked goods? The results are increased nutritional value and a lighter loaf even when using whole grain flours.  The lactic acid in the yogurt has a positive effect on the flour.  It the similar to using real cultured buttermilk (which used to be a baking essential). This is a quick bread that makes a nice dessert or even a gift for a friend.  You'll need a bread loaf pan, two mixing bowls and the following ingredients. [...]