The calcium in yogurt has been shown to be beneficial for building strong bones, preventing osteoporosis, losing weight and improving PMS. You already know that yogurt is a great source of calcium, but not only does it contain calcium, it delivers calcium to your body in a way that can be easily assimilated.

Dairy allergies are one of the most common allergies. Some 30 million Americans don’t have enough of the enzyme (lactase) needed to properly digest the sugar or lactose in milk. The bacteria in yogurt helps break down the lactose before it enters your body, thus making it easier to digest.
The lactobacillus in yoghurt feeds the intestines, maximizes nutrients you can absorb into your body, insures the digestive system stays healthy, and stabilizes the immune system.

Another reason why dairy products are often difficult to digest is milk protein also called casein. Casein is one of the most difficult proteins for the human body to break down.

The lactic acid producing bacteria in yogurt

  • break down the lactose (milk sugar)
  • and also the casein (milk protein)
  • restore enzymes lost during pasteurization

The nutrients in fermented dairy products are in a more digestible form.
This is important especially with calcium.

There has been much controversy over how much calcium is absorb from supplements and even common dairy products.
We know that calcium is essential for healthy bones and teeth. It prevents bone density loss and osteoporosis. Calcium also serves important nerve, muscle, and blood clotting functions. These functions are so important, that calcium will be pulled from the bone if necessary to make sure they happen appropriately. This is especially true during a woman’s childbearing years.
Yet, so many individuals who faithful take their calcium supplements and drink milk daily still suffer from osteoporosis.

Yogurt is a huge source of calcium, 40 percent of the daily value.
An 8 oz. container of an average nonfat yogurt provides 300 mg of calcium.
But like I said already it is not just about the quantity of calcium. It is important to also consider how that calcium is assimilated into the body and it is clear that the one of the major
benefits of yogurt is the the calcium in yogurt is better utilized by the body.

The Calcium in Yogurt Can Help You Lose Weight

Don’t cut out calcium rich dairy products, like yogurt, when you are dieting. The calcium in yogurt can help your body burn fat more efficiently and make your weight loss efforts easier.
Yogurt is a low calorie food that is still packed with nutritional value. Not only is yogurt a wonderful source of calcium, but it is also rich in protein. High protein snacks can help you keep lean muscle while shedding pounds. They also keep you full and satisfied.

Check out this study about yogurt and weight-loss

Researchers say that adding yogurt to a low-calorie diet helped people lose belly fat

I guess researchers are discovering that getting enough calcium can trigger the body to burn fat more efficiently and could even reduce the amount of new fat produced.
It may even be true that a diet low in calcium stimulates the production of fat-producing enzymes that break down fat.

Low-fat, high calcium dairy foods, like yogurt are perfect to help you lose weight and still eat satisfying meals.

The Calcium in Yogurt Can Help PMS

If you’re a woman who suffers from Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) your symptoms may improve or even go away if you eat more yogurt. Many women have found relief from adding more calcium to their diet.
PMS may even be a sign of possible calcium and magnesium nutritional deficiencies.

We know that calcium is essential, but if it is not properly absorbed it can only do so much for us. I would recommend calcium rich yogurt to any woman suffering from severe PMS.

Years ago when I had painful periods I had heard about how calcium can help, but I did not see any improvements in my symptoms by taking calcium supplements and drinking more milk.
I now think that this is because I really have a hard time digesting dairy (actually I am lactose intolerant). If uncultured dairy products cause digestive problems for you, such
as gas or bloating, you may be lactose intolerant also. These symptoms can also make PMS cramping even more painful.

Yogurt is the perfect solution. It provides all of the calcium needed in an easy to digest form and it will not cause gas.
In fact a little yogurt after dinner can help improve digestion of other foods as well.