What are the best yogurt brands to buy at the store?

In the small town where I live, there are only about two or three suitable yogurt brands that I buy.

I am not a fan of low-fat or nonfat yogurt. I also don’t want anything added to my yogurt to make it more like a pudding type dessert. You’d be surprised by the ingredient list of some of the most popular brands.

Less is More

The best yogurt brands are made with organic whole milk, contain live and active cultures (look for the LAC seal), and nothing else. Most people that are not from the U.S. will tell you that American yogurt is uniquely American. It’s nothing like the cultured diary products found in other parts of the world. It’s sweet, it’s chalky and it has a lot of “other things” in there.  Things like modified corn starch, artificial food color and flavorings, high fructose corn syrup and aspartame.


The best yogurt brands are:

  • Full of live and active cultures (it should have the LAC seal)
  • Made from organic whole milk
  • Void of artificial coloring, preservatives, starch or sugars
  • As close to homemade yogurt as possible

When I buy yogurt, whether for a quick snack when I am out and about, or because we polished off all of our homemade yogurt and I need some starter, I get Nancy’s whole milk plain organic. It’s healthy, good tasting, and makes a more reliable, satisfying starter than any other store bought yogurt I have yet to try…and I’ve tried many.

What Are the Best Yogurt Brands to Use as a Starter?

Making Yogurt

Nancy’s Organic Whole milk yogurt has 6 strains of different bacteria, which I think makes a nice homemade yogurt that will also culture a bit faster.   I’ve also had good results using: Stoneyfield Organic plain, FAGE total, Dannon all natural plain yogurt and Horizon plain yogurt.

Once again it is important to look for the LAC label to ensure that the yogurt contains a suitable amount of live and active bacteria.  Yogurt brands that have been pasteurized again after fermentation (to extend shelf life) or brands that are more like pudding will not work as a starter.